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Apple Watch problems with watchOS 2 while changing language settings

language settings on Apple Watch

Apple Watch problems with language settings:

We all know that the current trend in the market is with Apple Watch. The number of users who are using has increased tremendously. There are many amazing features with it but still there are few hearings about the Apple Watch problems. Most of the people may not be aware of the minor issues it has. We are going to see one of the minor but a major issue among those. Now, let’s see Apple Watch problems with watchOS 2.

People say that there are many problems with Apple Watch, but it is absolutely wrong. There are only few issues with it. In this article you are going to see about Apple Watch issues with language settings.

Apple Watch language settings

To see the Apple Watch problems with watchOS 2, first of all Sync your iPhone with Apple Watch to start working on the watch. Now, launch Apple Watch app on your iPhone and navigate to the watch Settings page. Now, tap on ‘the General settings and choose the Language & Region settings. Change the language to any of your desired language of any of the existing. Before changing the language, change the region so that the appropriate translations were made.

Say, for example you change the region to Sweden and language to Swedish (Svenska). Turn on the Apple Watch by pressing over the Digital Crown and observe that the language on watch is completely translated according to your chosen language.

Apple Watch problems

Now, launch the Apple Watch app on iPhone and change the language back to English. Now, you will observe a message on the watch that “Languages settings are translated to English” While the language changes were being made, change the region to the previous language and region or to some other one say, Germany. Also, change the language to its respective language Deutsch. Now observe that the same previous message “Languages settings are translated to English” appears on the watch and the watch stops functioning.

Even though it is a rare case of usage, but it yields a high impact on the functioning on Apple Watch. By this way you can observe Apple Watch problems with watchOS 2 by changing the language settings.



Originally posted 2015-10-05 22:36:54.