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Apple Watch for Android is going to be released by Apple soon

apple watch for android

Apple Watch for Android:

The recent release of Apple Watch received a greater applause from people due to its great features. It has occupied most occupancy in the market. In the recent days most of the people who have iPhone had it to their wrist. Its effective sensors can show the screen immediately when the turned.

And, so far we have seen Apple Watch connectivity available only for iPhone. Even to that iPhones ranging from iPhone 5 and having iOS 8.3 or later versions. This is the major drawback of Apple Watch. For the coming next months, Apple is going to design its watch for all its iOS devices like iPad and iPod Touch even. If once it was released out into the market, the sales of it may increase tremendously.  Let’s wait more eagerly for this release with fingers crossed.

apple watch for android

And, the other thing also to be noted is the iOS. The Apple Watch is going to come with a newer Watch OS. So, we can expect more features with the iOS and with respect to the compatibility. This brings lot of difference from the earlier Apple Watch and the newest Apple Watch.

One more interesting thing is that we are going to have the Apple Watch for Android environment also. Hopefully once the release of Apple Watch for other iOS devices was made, we can also expect Apple Watch for Android for the upcoming releases.

Once the Apple Watch for Android, releases out to the market we can mostly operate our Apple Watch with our Android mobile itself. As most of the people possess Android devices rather than iOS devices, it becomes easy for them to operate. Apple is going to gain more profits with the fantabulous release of Apple Watch for Android. Let’s wait until this release was made and can have it on our wrist too.


Originally posted 2015-08-02 20:21:22.