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Apple ups its App Store prices in seven more regions | AppStore prices

Apple app store prices increased

Apple ups its App Store prices in seven major regions all across the world:

As per the recent review, a bad news was revealed out regarding the App Store prices. Apple is planning to change the existing prices. These changes are going to be rolled out in seven different countries. Mexico, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa and Israel are the seven major countries that are going to afford the modified prices sooner.

This sudden decision of increasing App Store prices was revealed out recently and the effective prices were not yet revealed out. Few reviews say that for countries like Canada and New Zealand this increased App Store prices may be effective in the next 72 hours.

Apple app store prices increased

Apple has already started executing the plan of increasing the App Store prices in Australia, Indonesia and Sweden. Once these adjustments were made, Apple will move towards the increased price rates for the other five countries. But this news could be really a bad news for iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6S users because most of the people in the recent past has a number of purchases of these devices.

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App store price changes

Apple is planning to notify this sooner to its users. Once all the in-app purchases prices were changed, Apple reveals out this information in the earliest to its users. You can also review the finalized in-app purchase prices even before you make a purchase once the decision was revealed out. It’s better to make the purchases in the earliest before the increased prices were effective for the users from these seven countries.

Originally posted 2016-01-19 19:32:32.