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Apple to release iPhone 6 in September | iPhone 6 full specs

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 full specs:

iPhone 6 is coming this September to wow the Apple lovers. Apple Inc. is all set to release the iPhone 6 in September according to Nikkei business daily. And a Japanese publications also wrote about the iPhone 6.  It’s wrote that iPhone-6 is going to be released in two versions. And also wrote that the size and resolutions are larger compare to iPhone 5.

The iPhone 6 is coming in two version with screen sizes 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch. And both are larger than 4 inch iPhone panels of the latest iPhone models. These news also from the Japanese publications only.

It is also rummer that Apple is ordered Large Liquid Crystal Displays from Korea’s company LG Electronics. By this way all are assuming that the screen sizes are larger than previous iPhone models. The previous models of iPhone are released in September, So latest models also almost released in September only. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co  is producing the semi conductors for new iPhone models.

iPhone 6 Specs:
Apple ordered for LCD screens from LG Electronics so that the screen sizes are assumed as 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch. So iPhone-6 is larger than previously released iPhone models. Apple also including high resolution screens to give much clear and perfection for displays. And it is also rumor that iPhone-6 is coming with curved design, that is the sides also coming with LCD touch controllable display.

It is rumor that Apple is using liquid metal to craft iPhone-6.While the liquid metal is lighter than Aluminium, the mobile is going to be lighter in weight. The thickness also remarkably reduced. The thickness will be around 7.6 mm.
In iPhone 5S the fingerprint scanner is used so that iPhone 6 is expecting with iris scanner in built.

iPhone 6 rumor.

Processor options:
In iPhone 5S, Apple used 64 bit A7 processor so it can be expected that the processor may be better than the previous versions that are used in iPhone 5S. Quad core or Octa core processor is used in iPhone-6.

Camera Options:
Mostly the camera of the iPhone 6 will be 8 MP. And there is also chances to improve the camera to 13 MP or higher to give competition to its competitor Samsung S5.

Memory options:
iPhone-6 also will be available in 3 types 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. Where as iPhone 5S is available in market. Most probably 2 GB RAM is going to be used in iPhone-6.

Apple is setting to run iOS 8 Operating System in iPhone-6. Apple wants to release iPhone-6 and iOS 8 on same date. In case if there are any issues with iOS 8 the release of iPhone-6 also be delayed.


The estimated price lists of iPhone-6 will be 16 GB is around £550, 32 GB is around £650 and 64 GB is around £700.


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