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Apple plan to Change iPhone font with Apple Watch font for iOS 9, OS X

change iphone font to apple watch font in iOS 9

Apple is looking forward to change iPhone font for iOS 9 and OS X 10.11:

We have been using Apple devices from long time right? But, have your ever noticed the font in those devices? Most of us haven’t. Apple has been using Helvetica Neue since the release of iOS 7. And, keeping this font common for its devices, it has made a trial version of change in the font on Apple Watch. Let’s see “what is the reason behind the change of font?” and “what is the new font that is going to be implemented?”

Reason behind the idea to change iPhone font:

change iphone font to apple watch font in iOS 9

You believe it or not, it has been trying from long period and is trying to change iPhone font with each and every release of operating system because the current font is grasping any kind of attention and there are several other internal factors which has influenced to change iPhone font. Font is the one which shows the clear context but if it not clear people look for switching to other third party keyboard apps. There are many iPhone keywords available on App Store which provides different kinds of fonts, special symbols, characters and emoticons. So, the number of users for third party iPhone keywords has increased tremendously compared to the default iPhone keyword users.

What is the new iPhone font?

So, far we have seen Helvetica Neue font on the existing iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac. Here after we are going to say bye to the Helvetica Neue font. Have you ever noticed the font in the latest Apple Watch? Do you know what kind of font it is? The font that is used in Apple Watch is San Francisco. For the first time you are going to have a country name as font type.

iPhone font style

Apple’s decision to change iPhone font was revealed after the release of Apple Watch. You may see a smaller text on Apple Watch but on a bigger device like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac you can observe more user experience. Mostly this change will be affected before December or by the end of December month. This font change will be reflected mostly to the default applications that were provided with Apple device. Hopefully we can also expect this font change even for third party applications sooner. Let’s wait until this release was made and see how the text differs from earlier one.


Originally posted 2015-11-20 20:16:51.