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Apple patent technology to deactivate iPhone Cameras at live events

Apple Patents iPhone Camera

Latest Apple patent technology implements the technology of deactivating iPhone Cameras at live events:

Some people continuously capture live events of celebrities in their phones which are a kind of annoying feeling to the celebrities. But they don’t have any option to stop people from recording with their phone cameras.

Apple has clearly understood their need and brought up a new technology in front of the people who hesitate to have their recordings during live events. The Apple patent technology helps in deactivating iPhone Cameras at live events. It allows the venues to use infrared beams which contribute to disabling photography or recording on mobile phones. In a simple sentence, it disables the iPhone camera.

You may have the question in mind that how does this Apple patent technology work in practical? This work depending on the infrared beams. Whenever you enter the venue and attempt to capture a photograph or video, then the patent gets enabled and displays a message “recording disabled” on your iPhone with the help of infrared beams. In case if the video captured somehow, there is another alternative solution to it. It adds a blur effect to the video or a watermark and also disallows the people to share such kind of photograph or video. Anyhow, your event will always be private and secure with this Apple patent technology.

Apple Patent Technology to Deactivate iPhone Cameras

The reason behind the implementation of this technology is many actors have faced the problem with their fans as they shot their events and posted them in many of the social networking sites. Many artists like Adele, Benedict, and Jack White, etc. has shown their impatience on the audience in the venue of the live events. Apple has understood their feelings better and implemented this patent technology.

But even though Apple has developed this patent technology there are still discussions going on whether to apply this technology to iPhone and how to implement this technology in an efficient manner so that it responds appropriately as per the event venue.

Originally posted 2016-07-10 21:07:46.