Apple officially released Apple Pencil multi-touch pen for iPad pro

Apple Pencil

Release of Apple Pencil for effective Multi-touch functionality by Apple for Pro:

So far, we have seen a variety number of products by Apple. But for the first time we have a distinct product into the market, it is nothing but the fantabulous Apple pencil. Till now we have used our finger-tip as part of the touch functionality. But here after you are going to use the latest pencil released by Apple.

It provides a bit speeder performance when compared to the finger tips.  It provides fastest responsiveness when compared to other tools. It scans 240 times faster than the normal finger touch mechanism. Apple has released it primarily for iPad Pro to provide a better user experience.

Apple Pencil Apple Pencil

New Apple Pencil for iPad Pro:

You can even draw paintings on your iPad Pro with the help of Apple pencil. The amount of stress you apply resembles the amount of thickness it draws. If you press and draw a line it leads to a thicker line and if you draw a line without applying much stress it gives you thinker lines. You can create beautiful pictures with this pencil. You can even shade the pictures as you generally shade with a normal pencil.

To say shortly it acts as a stylus for your iPad Pro. It is very lighter in weight and moves as the way you move your fingers. It provides a speeder multi touch functionality which you cannot observe with your finger tip. One more interesting thing is that it’s not just an ordinary stylus.  Generally you can use your stylus without charging it right? But in case of this, you need to charge it. It works on battery. It discharges based on your usage of it. Let’s see how to charge it.

How to charge Apple Pencil?

When you look into the pencil, you can see a removable silicon case back side of it. Just rotate and remove it. Now, you can find a lightening connector. Plug-in the lightening connector to iPad Pro and leave it. Your iPad takes the complete care of charging it and you can sit relaxed.  If it charges for 5 minutes, it can work approximately for 10 minutes (1minute charge=2minutes battery life).

Charging Apple Pencil Charging Apple Pencil

This is how you can charge your beautiful pencil and can use it without using your fingertips. While delay, get the latest pencil by apple for your iPad Pro and make wonders.


Originally posted 2015-10-19 22:00:28.