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Apple News | How to clear history of Apple News on iPhone and iPad?

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How to clear history of Apple News that is running on iPhone and iPad?

With the latest version of Apple News app, we have been updated with the latest news on daily basis. You can get news from different domains and channels. You can switch to different channels and get the news from respective channels. You can get the news of current affairs, technology, movies etc. What not you tune into a wide range of news channels. The news Apple provides is collected from a wide range of domains.

Apple News

Do you know that we can even save the news on Apple News app? You can save the Apple latest news and review it at any time of your possibility no matter where you were. When you navigate to the screen of a particular news, you can find three footer options. At the bottom right corner of the page, you can find a tag icon which is used to save the news on Apple iOS devices.

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You can view all the list of saved news and recent history on the Save tab of Apple News app. Tap on the Clear History button below the Saved and History header buttons to clear the history all a time. In case if you want to delete a particular news you can have two options. Swipe from right to left at a long time to delete the particular news. In this case, you will not be given any Delete confirmation option. It directly deletes the particular news on iPhone or iPad.

Apple news app on iPhone, iPad

And, in case if you want to delete by confirming that you are deleting the appropriate news slightly swipe from the right so that you can see the Delete button at the right corner of the particular news. Tap on Delete button to confirm the deletion. This is how you can clear history of Apple News that is running on iPhone and iPad.

Originally posted 2016-01-09 22:34:39.