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Apple new Malware attack is the WireLurker Malware attack on iOS

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The first ever new Malware attack the WireLurker on Apple Devices:

Apple now is attacked by WireLurker malwareSo far the known fact is that Apple devices were very less prone to Malware attacks when compared to Android devices. Apple has designed its platform in such a way that no malware attack can be made on it. But for the first time we came to know that Apple devices were attacked by a new malware called WireLurker. This malware is designed in such a way it can even effect the iOS operating system. Let’s get into more details of this malware.

wirelurker iOS

A new malware attack called WireLurker on Apple devices:

Apple has designed its own unique platform which has lot of restrictions made on it. It makes many set of restrictions on apps which are submitted to App Store. It gives privileges to very few apps to get place in App Store. That is the reason why we cannot observe most of the apps which are available on other platforms in App Store.

However you can install any apps on your devices by jailbreaking them at your own risk. Apple provides a lot of care to its devices.  But for the first time a new malware called Wire Lurker existing with one of the apps in App Store has affected iOS devices.

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Not only, the Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, were affected by this malware, Apple Watch and Mac were also affected by this attack. This malware has infected about 400 apps in App Store which on installation gets continuously downloaded and replicates the malware on the Apple devices.

Apple is striving hard to find the source of this malware and trying to resolve it as soon as possible to get back its old fame. So, before installing any new apps be careful and be aware of the new malware Wire Lurker. Install only the trusted apps until the issue is resolved.


Originally posted 2015-12-04 22:37:23.