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Apple new iPhone 6C, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 rumors on price, release date

iPhone 6C

Apple new iPhone 6C, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus rumors:

You may have the following questions in your mind that, Is Apple planning to release new iPhone 6 models? What will be the price of new iPhone 6C? etc. But the rumors are clearly saying that Apple is going to release its next cheap iPhone model iPhone 6C and also its iPhone 6S and 6S plus versions.

iPhone 5C vs iPhone 6C leaked images :

Recently on May 21st, 2015 Apple accidentally displayed it’s new iPhone 6C model on it’s all websites. It is very similar to its ‘5C‘ model. Only the flash light’s shape and speakers size are different from the ‘5C‘ model and remaining all are same as per the design.

Both 5C and 6C screens will be of 4 inches in size and the extra feature adding in 6C is Touch ID which is not available in the  5C model. Also 6C is having oval shape flash light as I already mentioned and adding extra row of speakers in 6C.

new iPhone 6c vs iPhone 5c

Now it is some what clear that Apple is going to release its new cheap model 6C and lets see what about 6S and 6S Plus.

Are new iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 both same?

There are few rumors on new iPhone that the next iPhone will be iPhone 7 but not 6S, but few are saying that the 6S model is also called as iPhone 7. Some other’s opinion is that apple is going to end with the two variations of each model that is regular and larger models as Apple released iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models this year, but it is rumored that next year apple is releasing only one model called iPhone 7.

New iPhone 6C vs 6S vs 6S plus design, specs, price and release dates:

6C is coming with the specs Ram size 1GB, processor A7, battery of capacity 1560 mAh, rear camera of 8 mega pixels, 8GB ROM and the remaining 6C new features are already discussed at the beginning of this article and now lets see the design of these upcoming models. Apple designed its previous model with 3 variations, similar to those models this year also apple is planned to design 6C screen size with 4 inches, 6S screen size with 4.7 inches and 6S Plus screen size with 5.5 inches.

iPhone 7 edge

The iPhone 6S which is also rumored as iPhone 7 is going to some special features in camera, screen and more. The screen is called in new model as iPhone 7 innovative touch screen with 400 ppi pixels per inch. The camera of this new model will be of 12 mega pixels rear camera and Force Touch display feature also will available. The front camera of this model will be either 2 mega pixels or 5 mega pixels.

The model 5C price is around £319 and now the iPhone 6C price will be higher than 5C because apple adding new features in 6C like Touch ID and etc. Coming to iPhone 7 price will be more than its previous model and will be around £750. If 6S and 7 are not a single model then the iPhone 6S price will be around £619.

As per the rumors 6C will be released in to markets in June 4th week or July 2nd week of the year 2015. And the 6S model or iPhone 7 release date will be either in October or November of the year 2015.


Originally posted 2015-05-26 23:28:08.