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Apple Maps app is now upgraded with Los Angeles public transport info

Aple Maps with Los Angeles data

Los Angeles, public transport information was now added to the Apple Maps app:

Most of us are aware of Google Maps right? This feature was available on all the Android devices. Then, what about Apple devices? What kind of Maps functionality is available for Apple users? The question to the answer is quite simple. We do have Apple Maps app for the Apple devices which is available by default on all the iOS devices like iPad, iPod touch and iPhone.

Apple Maps with Los Angeles data

Apple has designed its authorized Apple Maps app with various functionalities. Besides providing various kinds of functionalities, it also provides public transport information to its users.  When this feature was first launched it has started providing its public transport information services to Beijing, Berlin, London and New York City. Later this service was extended to Sydney and Boston cities.

Currently, Apple Maps has started providing its service of public transport information to Los Angeles city. With this service, you get information about all the public transport providers like local trains, buses, ferries and metro. You can get the complete directions instructions both through direction maps and through Siri.

Apple maps data for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

You can also get the information about the status of the public transport providers like their current location, next destination point and the appropriate timings of their arrival to your current location. You can get information of all the public transports along with the appropriate route maps. So, it becomes easier for you to travel anywhere with the simple steps of Apple Maps.

Originally posted 2016-02-01 21:02:46.