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Apple iWatch specifications, release date, price, features for iPhone

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 Apple iWatch:

iWatch is a smartwatch announced by Apple Inc. The smart watch is a smart device which allows you to connect to your smartphone. By connecting your smart watch to your smartphone, It syncs your smartphone with your smart watch. By syncing your smart watch with your iPhone, you can monetize your iPhone using your smartwatch. One of the Korean articles writes about this smart watch. It states that Apple reached LG to make this smartwatch. LG already proved that it can make flexible displays. LG G Flex is the smartphone with a flexible screen made by LG electronics. Apple Inc wants to design this smartwatch with a flexible display. So it seems Apple reached LG to make this smartwatch.

i-Watch Concept:iwatch
When you get a message or when you get a notification or a call, you need to take your iPhone out from your pocket. It’s very irritating to take the mobile out from your pockets for every 10 to 15 minutes. If you are busy or you are unable to check your mobile it is very helpful to check it on your smart watch. This smartwatch runs on an iOS operating system.

This smartwatch runs on iOS and can be connected to iPhone through Bluetooth or other connectivity options. Whenever you get notifications your smartwatch able to display the notifications on your smartwatch. The smart watch can be operated with a touch screen. By tapping or sliding on the smart watch flexible screen, you can operate your phone instead operating it from mobile. This is very easy to operate your iPhone using the connected smartwatch.

What do i-Watch notify and  features:


Connect your smart watch to your iPhone using Bluetooth. Now the smartwatch syncs with your mobile. You need not check your iPhone continuously, instead, you can check the notifications on your smartwatch.

It monitors following on your smart watch-

  • New notifications in your iPhone.
  • New messages in your iPhone.
  • Incoming calls in your iPhone and you can accept or reject calls from a smartwatch.
  • Missed calls alert in your iPhone.
  • Applications notifications.
  • Shows iPhone applications on smart watch and can operate the apps from watch

iWatch specifications:


Below mentioned are the known notifications of  smart watch-

  • Runs on iOS.
  • The screen size of 1.3 inches or 1.5 inches.
  • Battery Life of 5 days.
  • USB charging port.
  • Sensors.

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i-Watch concept video:

iWatch release date:
There are many rumors about this smartwatch release date. Some popular newspapers stated that the smart watch is going to release along with iPhone 6 and iOS 8. There may be chances to release the smartwatch before or after the release of iPhone 6. But this smartwatch is the most awaited gadget of iPhone lovers.

i-Watch price:
The price of this smart watch is a little higher compared to other smart watches. The starting price of this smart watch is around $349.

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