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Apple iPhone Error 53 iOS 9 security (fix) update disabled iPhone/iPad

Apple Error 53 in iPhone, iPad which are jail-broken or unauthorized iPhone repaired

Apple iPhone/ iPad facing Error 53 on fully updating by iOS 9 (Security fix):

So many latest iPhone and iPad models which are running the latest iOS version are facing the security Error 53. Apple recently rolled out an iOS 9 update, and it has a Security fix. Due to this fix, so many iPhone and iPad users are getting irritated. Error 53 is an error arises on iPhone/ iPad and completely disables the iPhone if iOS finds any security issue with that iOS device. Apple says it is a security fix which is added to iOS 9 to make all iOS users to feel safe with iPhone and iPad devices. Mostly the latest iPhone devices iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus which are having Touch ID and iOS 9 are facing this error message.

Apple Error 53 in iPhone, iPad which are jail-broken or unauthorized iPhone repaired

How is Apple disabling iPhone with Error 53 message?
As per the reports, Apple added a new fix in iOS 9 latest version. This Error 53 fix checks whether the iPhone or iPad is having a security issue or not. If any Security problem found in iOS device, then it blocks few of the iPhone operations entirely. iPhone functions like Apple Pay, Fingerprint scanner, are mostly disabled by the iOS 9 Security fixes.

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Which iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) getting affected by Error 53?
The iOS device which got updated to iOS 9 latest versions has a look up for security related issues. The iPhone or iPad which got listed as the Error 53 disabled devices if iOS 9 finds any unauthorized hardware repairs. Unauthorized iPhone repairs like Home button repair, Screen Replacement, Battery Replacement, Touch ID repair or any other hardware repairs at mobile stores other than Apple care stores. Apple iOS 9 considering these unauthorized repairs under security breach.

Error 53 disabled iPhone blocked apple pay services for security purpose

Also, Apple has a right to refuse the services to Jail-broken iPhone devices and third-party serviced devices, software modifications to Apple devices. Apple can stop any services to the devices those are having vulnerabilities.

So, Apple disabling all these iPhone and iPad devices and showing an Error 53 message which doesn’t allow the user to perform some sensitive operations. Apple users are saying this security update is very annoying, and they hate the iOS 9 updates.

How to fix iPhone Error 53 or resolving iPhone Error 53?
Since you have already upgraded your iPhone/ iPad with latest iOS 9 version, you can’t escape Error 53 until Apple reverts this security update in upcoming releases. The best suggestion for iPhone users is, if you have an iPhone or iPad which had repaired at unauthorized Apple store then don’t update the phone to the latest version until Apple reverts this security fix. Or, if you have already updated to latest iOS version then don’t go for unauthorized iPhone repairs.

apple iphone error 53 in iOS 9 devices iPhone 5,iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and iPad

Apple intentionally released this security update in latest iOS. So, chose your option to upgrade your phone operating system or not to upgrade depends on your device’s repair status.

Originally posted 2016-02-09 18:45:58.