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Apple iPhone 9 Release Date, Specifications, and Price

Apple iPhone 9 2018 images

Apple is expected to release the iPhone 9 in 2018 with amazing features to make the design and model most beautiful than earlier. Let’s quickly go through Apple’s iPhone 9 Release Date, Specifications, and Price.

iPhone 9 Release Date

Coming to the release date of iPhone 9, it is expected to release in the month of September 2018. By the mid of September, Apple is expecting to release iPhone 9 with most exciting features than earlier. The model and features were almost finalized and the production work is in progress to make the device available by September. Mostly, we will get the iPhone 9 into hands by the end of September 2018.

iPhone 9 Features and Specifications

Let’s have a quick overview of iPhone 9 Features and Specifications.

iPhone9 Chip

The latest iPhone 9 is built on an A12 bionic chip which improvises battery and performance compared to older iPhone’s.

Apple iPhone 9 Display

And, coming to the display it is expected to have Super Retina Display which is a mixture of LCD and OLED displays in a 5.25 inch, 5.85 inch and 6.46-inch models.

iPhone9 release date and price

iPhone e-SIM

Apple is also planning to support e-SIM support similar to Cellular Apple Watch.

iPhone 2018 Face ID

The Face ID recognition system is designed with much more advanced options to make transactions online, make payments and other third-party application access.


This time an 18-watt USB-C is expected to be bundled in the box of iPhone 9. You can experience faster-charging experience with the new cable that comes with Apple iPhone 9.

Wireless AirPods

Rumors are also spreading on the wireless AirPods that comes with Apple iPhone 9. You experience the fun of listening to the latest wireless AirPods. You can experience a better audio and enjoy wireless connectivity to the AirPods.

Apple iPhone 9 Price

When coming to the price of iPhone 9, as the features keep on increasing the price also incurs. This year Apple is planning to quote iPhone 9 at a cost of $729 and $829 based on the design of the model you choose. This price may vary during the release time based on the additional features Apple provides.

Apple iPhone 9 design

Let’s wait for the release of amazing iPhone 9 with most advanced features and design. Mostly, by the end of September 2018, we will get the latest iPhone into hands with most exciting features which were ever experienced before.

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