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Apple iPhone 8 Pearl ID Facial Recognition

apple iphone 8 face recognition system

With the release of Apple iPhone 8, you can begin handling things in a smarter way. You can silence your notifications on iPhone 8 with a single glance, you heard it right. Want to know more details on this, just go through the below info.

Facial Recognition System

This time, during the release of iPhone 8, Apple is planning to build up the feature of facial recognition system, on the latest iPhone. During the release of Apple Home Pod, the smart speaker, this news was leaked and as the facial recognition system is being developed, to make effective use of this facial mechanism Apple is planning to develop code in such a way that the facial expressions should be capable of enhancing the changes on your iPhone.

Guilherme Rambo, Apple developer

Guilherme Rambo, one of the potential developers of Apple iPhone Technology, has analyzed a code that helps to silence your notifications on iPhone 8 with a single glance. The notifications on your iPhone will automatically turn to mute with your facial recognition. He also discovered a code that helps to capture ultra slow motion video at a greater resolution of 1080p.

Smart Stay vs Pearl ID

We’re also having a similar feature in Samsung mobiles, with the name called “Smart Stay” which makes your current screen awake based on retina scanning. With this, it identifies whether the user is currently looking into the screen or not and then makes the screen active based on his looks at the screen. Similarly, Apple is planning to develop this advanced feature as an enhancement to Samsung’s Smart Stay.

If this feature gets released as part of Apple iPhone 8, the sales of iPhone 8 get drastically increased and the existing users also get upgraded to iPhone 8 leaving out the old models of iPhone. The Pearl ID feature and Do Not Disturb features both make your phone in silence mode.

iPhone 8 Pearl ID feature

And, this facial recognition system was also named as “Pearl ID”, where each individual can add their face to the Pearl ID, to authorize and start making use of facial recognition system. With this Pearl ID, you can not only silence your notifications on iPhone 8 with a single glance but you can also make payments and can also be used by third party apps.

iphone notifications silence control center

This feature is looking quite interesting, but a question saturates in mind, can only a single user make use of this facial recognition system on an iPhone. The answer is absolute “No”.

You can add any number of faces up to a certain range based on Apple’s limitations on your iPhone. So, your family members can also use your iPhone with freedom of choice. Everything makes us more excited and let’s keep waiting for the release of iPhone 8.