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Apple iPhone 7, Receiving Huge Protest From The Employees And Employers


Customers protesting against buying of Apple iPhone 7 and its usage:

People shows more interest towards the purchase of a new mobile phone and more in buying an Apple iPhone. But recently, in China, there was a protest against buying Apple iPhone 7. The reason for this is not due to lack of features like the headphone jack, Memory card slot or Radio. Do you want to know what has happened and what made the people make a protest against latest iPhone?

After the release of latest iPhone, the number of people buying it increased. But recently in one of the Medicine company the protest has begun. Nanyang Yongkang Medicine Company which exists in Henan is the one who initiated the protest.  

It has issued a notice to its employees telling that they will be fired if they buy iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. The notice provides information that “The employees who break this rule fired out immediately and they can come to the office to hand over a resignation letter if they bring their iPhone 7 along with them to office”.


As per the notice, on September 18th which is a historic day for the Japanese in the name of national humiliation they gave a slogan that let’s boycott foreign products and stop buying or using them. They have an idea that their country’s economic growth will also get increased by using their products.

Not only Yongkang Medicine Company, but even few other companies are also providing same kinds of notices to their employees. But they forgot that most of the people get unemployed as Apple manufacturing activities carried at Foxconn factories in China. If the sales reduced automatically, the company has to get closed and, the workers in it will be unemployed.

Let’s see what the Government will decide upon companies issuing such kind of notices.

Originally posted 2016-10-09 23:13:28.