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Apple iPhone 7 is expected to release with Li-Fi technology support

iPhone 7 with Li-Fi

The latest iPhone 7 is supposed to release with the support of Li-Fi technology:

Till now we have heard only about the Wi-Fi technology right? Have you ever thought of other alternatives to Wi-Fi technology? We have a new technology which is also suitable for data transmission.

iPhone 7 with Li-Fi

With the recent technology, few developers have found ways of transmitting data through light spectrum. In general Wi-Fi technology uses radio signals as the medium of the spectrum to transmission of data. Apple is now trying to research on the usage of Li-Fi technology. Here, Li-Fi technology in the sense, it uses light-based wireless technology. That is, it uses light spectrum as the medium of transport to transfer data. LiFi transfers data 100 times faster than other wireless networks.

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Already few companies in the USA has started working on Li-Fi technology. To move forward along with the competitive world, Apple is planning to include this light-based wireless technology as part of the release of iPhone 7. In short, iPhone 7 is going to be the next generation best smartphone as it is going to be released with many advanced features and with the best UI and design.

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For this time, many functions were included as part of the release of iPhone 7. Along with the latest features, we can also expect this LiFi technology. Even though Apple didn’t guarantee regarding the inclusion of light-based wireless technology, rumors are spreading around about the support of this technology with iPhone 7. Hopefully, in the upcoming year, we can see many latest devices with the advanced features.

Originally posted 2016-03-12 21:54:54.