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Apple iPhone 6S is now able to weigh fruits with the Plum-O-Meter app

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The new Plum-O-Meter app is now designed to weigh fruits with the 3D Touch technology on iPhone 6S:

The recent release of iPhone 6S is providing amazing features. Its 3D Touch technology is also capable of providing fascinating features besides its default features that were provided at the time of its development. As part of its benefits, a new app was designed which is called as Plum-O-Meter.

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The Plum-O-Meter app designed in such a way that it is capable of weighing fruits. Using the 3D Touch technology, it can analyze the weight of fruit placed over the screen. It can only weight the items that are best able to fit on the screen. You can even have a comparison overview of the weights of two fruits placed over the screen. Download Plum O Meter app from iTunes and Install on 3D-Touch enabled iOS devices.

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You need to give a necessary step to get the weight of items on iPhone 6S. Install the Plum O Meter app on your iPhone 6S to check how it weighs. When the application window launched place the fruit or item that you need to weigh. Make sure that you do not put heavy weight items on the screen to avoid damage to the screen.  Now you can observe that it shows the weight of the fruit or the item that you put on the display.

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You can even put two items at the two corners of the screen to have a comparison of weights. Exciting right? Yes, the 3D Touch technology provides its best benefit to the app and iPhone 6S in providing the weights.

Originally posted 2016-04-14 18:49:47.