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Apple iPhone 5 is now available at half of its original price

apple iphone 5 offers

The price of Apple iPhone 5S was dropped to half of its original price:

Recent sales says that the Apple iPhone 5S price was dropped almost half of its original price. With the release of latest models into the market like iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus the sales were moved towards the latest products when compared to the sales of existing older products.

Due to the heavy competition the number of purchases towards the latest models of iPhone, Nexus, Sony and One plus 2 etc.… models were increased drastically. So, the number of users who purchase the existing older models were decreased. This is one of the major reason due to the price fall of Apple iPhone 5S.

apple iphone 5 offers

There are many people who are still lovers of Apple iPhone 5S for them it’s a kind of good news. Those who missed out the purchase of iPhone 5S, can now get it at a lower price. With the Christmas and New Year celebrations you can also include the celebration time of getting iPhone 5S to your home at very less price.

Coming to the iPhone 5S price values, the price of iPhone 5S 16GB model was at 53,500 at the time of its release. Now, it’s available in flipkart at a price of 22000 approximately. Even the price of iPhone 5S 32GB was also reduced and is available at a price range of 30,500.

It’s really a kind of good news to the smartphone and Apple lovers. Don’t miss this opportunity. Order your desired model of Apple iPhone 5S and celebrate this festive mode.


Originally posted 2015-12-16 21:35:38.