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Apple iOS 12 Features & Release Date


So far we have been enjoying the features of iOS 11 and this time for 2018, Apple is coming up with iOS 12. For every new release, Apple comes up with most exciting features which are embedded with the latest technologies emerging in the market. Excited to know about the latest Apple iOS 12 release date and features. Let’s get the complete details.

Apple iOS 12 Features

The first thing Apple is concentrating to provide for its customers besides other features is “Performance and Quality”. As per Craig Federighi, the Chief Software Engineer at Apple, they are more focusing on improving performance and quality rather than focusing on bringing up new features.

And, this doesn’t mean that “Apple is providing fewer features and more performance”, it says besides bringing up new features, it is also focusing on improving the performance and quality such that the new features don’t impact the performance of the iOS device.

Parental Controls

In any iOS device like iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch we just had an option to lock your device or any particular notes using Touch ID or Passcode. But this time to make the device more secure, Apple is providing the per-app lock for its applications. You can lock your applications such that unauthorized use can be prevented.


We generally share our iPhone to others to make calls or to capture pictures. Sometimes, people may also look into our personalized applications, to avoid such kind of situations and to provide security to the applications from unauthorized access the per-app lock helps a lot.

Multi-user Facetime Calls

We had an option to make conference calls with the regular Call option, but using Facetime you can call only one person at a time. To make people enjoy their calls talking with multiple people at a time rather than calling each person individually, this time Apple is going to come up with Multi-user Facetime Calls feature. So, that you can make multi-user calls even with Facetime. Obviously, most people get attracted to this feature.

Change in Video Resolution

Currently, we have the option to change the video resolution only from Settings app but with the latest Apple iOS 12, you can change the video resolution within the camera app. So that switching time between Settings and Camera will be reduced and the user feels the ease of access to it.

Check Availability Status of iPhone contacts

This time Apple may come up with the most exciting feature i.e., to check whether the iPhone Contacts are available to receive calls or not. With the new networking feature, you can now check your iPhone contact is able to attend our calls or not.


Augmented Reality

We already had Augmented Reality feature on iOS platform and with Apple iOS 12 you can see an updated ARKit such that you can experience more Augmented Reality features.

New Messages app

The Messages app is expected to be improvised such that group message is possible with the latest version of iOS.

Dynamic Keyboard

On your touchscreen, you can now see a dynamic keyboard placed based on fingertips positions. With the new sensors built to detect fingertip touch, it’s possible to project a dynamic keyboard using your fingertip positioning.

Apart from these features, we may also expect few other minor features with the latest Apple iOS 12.

Apple iOS 12 Release Date

Rumors spreading around on Apple iOS 12 Release Date and are expected to be released in September 2018. Apple is planning to release iOS 12 in the midweek of September with the most exciting features. Let’s wait for the release to experience the latest features on your iPhone or iPad.

Originally posted 2018-05-13 10:45:43.