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Apple innovation on iPhone flexible screen | flexible iPhone screen

iPhone flexible screen front

Apple iPhone flexible screen:
Apple always tries to innovate new features in smartphone manufacturing. Apple already invented many features like 3D Touch, Assistive Touch, Fingerprint scanner, and more. There are rumors on iPhone features yet to come. As per those rumors, Apple is working on iPhone flexible screen feature and also removing headphone jack from iPhone.

iPhone flexible screen front

Inventing the new features for smartphones, makes the brand powerful than other branded mobiles. Apple is magnificent at producing new features. So, iPhone is always at the top compared to other smartphones. Apple is also good at unambiguous interactions, clear and straightforward navigation features, performance, and User interface, etc.

There is a video on iPhone flexible screen upcoming feature. It is utterly remarkable in widening the screen and make three times the current screen size. This flexible screen feature is going to become very powerful if Apple gets success in developing flexible screen as shown in the video.

iPhone flexible screen back

How the flexible iPhone screen works?
The flexible screen hid inside the mobile and expanded when you click on expanding button. While selecting the expanding feature of the iPhone flexible screen feature, The screen will roll out and expands the screen size. If the display is in normal mode, then it forms rounded edges. These sides also contain the volume control and other control touch actions.

flexible screen dismandle

As per the rumors, it is also clear that there is no space to place volume buttons at iPhone edges with new flexible screen feature. Volume buttons will appear on side glass as interactive touch sense buttons. Samsung already S6 edge with curved glass edges, so Apple is taking one step ahead and developing this flexible iPhone screen. But we are wondering that people show interest in these type of designs. What if the flexible screen fails to operate. The users are going to face new issues in future along with these new features.

Originally posted 2016-02-24 21:28:43.