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Apple Human Interface Guidelines for App store submission of iOS apps

Apple Human Interface Guidelines | How to make sure that an application obeys Apple Guidelines?

Do you have an application which is to be submitted to Apple or is your Apple rejected due to not obeying the human interface guidelines which were set by Apple?  This article helps you in resolving the rejection issues.

If you have an application in your hand which works on iOS devices, you may think that you can submit it directly to App Store. But, there are several background works which are to be made before you submit app to App Store.

apple human interface guidelines

What are the background functionalities along with the foreground functionalities that you need to verify before you submit app to App Store? If you consider your application, you may design several guidelines for it right? As you are well known that Apple restricts its devices in many ways, similarly it restricts the applications before providing approval to submit app to App Store.

Apple has designed its own Human interface guidelines, where every application needs to be built by following these guidelines. These guidelines can also be called as App store submission guidelines as you need to follow in order to get approval from App Store.

There is around 29 Human interface guidelines, designed by Apple as of now in order t o make your app eligible for approval. This App store submission guidelines are further sub divided and were arranged based on functionality. Apple has provided these guidelines in their website, so that every user who wants to develop an iOS app can follow these Human interface guidelines and can create a new app.

If you don not follow the App store submission guidelines while developing an app and if you submit app to App Store, your app automatically rejected. If this happens for multiple numbers of times your app gets completely rejected and gets difficult for you to submit app to App Store.

In order to avoid such kind of scenarios, you should always make sure that your app was built by obeying all the App store submission guidelines.  The guidelines were mainly based on functionality, terms and conditions, location, push notifications, purchases, user interfaces etc… Few of the guidelines are App gets rejected if it exhibits continuous crash; few URLs are not working in the app etc… you can refer to more guidelines at Apple Human Interface Guidelines.


Originally posted 2015-09-25 23:36:07.