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Apple HomePod Siri Voice Interactive Device over Google Home, Amazon Alexa Echo

Apple homePod speakers for home pod

The latest release of Apple, the Apple HomePod a new speaker for your home which interacts through Siri Voice. Apple HomePod is the most recent voice interactive speaker by Apple for Home. HomePod developed with advanced software to deliver a high-quality sound all around your house. With the Apple-engineered audio technology, elegant design and compact speaker, the sound can spread all across your room, no matter of where it is placed.

Apple HomePod specifications

HomePod consists of a high-excursion woofer with a custom amplifier and advanced algorithm which not only continuously analyzes the music but also dynamically tunes low frequencies of music. Being built on an A8 chip, it provides a real-time modeling of woofer mechanics with a buffering which is even faster than real-time. You can get amazing sound with a mixture of both ambient and direct audio, and the beamforming makes the microphone of the Apple Homepod hear you even over the music with the advanced echo cancellation.You can identify a 360-degree consistent audio, with the unique array of seven beamforming tweeters.

Apple HomePod Siri voice interactive latest device

Being beautifully wrapped in a seamless mesh fabric design it provides both acoustic and aesthetic performance. Coming to the appearance of the Apple HomePod, it is about seven inches tall and can fit anywhere in your home. And, as of now, it is available in only two colors space gray and white.

HomePod Features over Alexa Echo, Google Home

The Apple HomePod is smart enough to sense where it’s playing or recognizing what you are telling across a room. It hears and responds automatically, so once the task that we need to do is just to listen. Even though you place the HomePod anywhere in the room, it automatically analysis the acoustics and adjusts sound based on speaker’s location and steers music in an appropriate direction. So, everyone will get an immersive listening experience. HomePod is the best competitor for all other voice interactive devices like Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Tap and Google Home.

homePod vs google home vs amazon alexa echo

And, the Apple HomePod has its special feature. It can even combine with other HomePod in a single room and can also balance each other by automatically detecting each other. And, you can play music across the rooms/home, when the HomePod added to multiple chambers. The speakers communicate with each other through AirPlay 2 and even you control it with AirPlay2 if it is compatible enough with your speaker.

How Homepod works?

The usage of this excellent Apple speaker is just like you operate Siri on your iPhone. Just ask Siri on your Apple speaker, and play or change the music which you like. With the innovative signal processing, it allows Siri to hear your request and respond to you with the music that you apply for and, it also possesses multiple layers of security with anonymous ID and encryption protection and privacy policy.

homepod specs and features

Get the latest Apple HomePod and enjoy listening to music from anywhere in your house.

Originally posted 2017-06-29 14:25:29.