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Apple HomePod – Siri Voice Assistant

Apple HomePod Voice Assistent Siri

In general, we use speaker’s or woofer’s to listen to music in the home and the sound system is limited to a particular. Even you cannot carry this in a portable way everywhere in your home or any location and it can never be smarter to understand your instructions. But, Apple has come up with a smarter device Apple HomePod that is proactive.

HomePod can react automatically and intelligently and that’s why it is called a smarter device. To be precise, and in simple words, it is a smart woofer which can understand your instructions and respond accordingly. Before going to see what can an HomePod does, let’s first begin with its design overview.

Design Overview of Apple HomePod

To deliver such a beautiful sound system and artificial intelligence in its device, Apple has taken very much care in designing the HomePod. There are many key factors involved from the design perspective. The following are the few crucial elements in the HomePod design and development.

Apple A8 Chip in HomePod

Similar to iPhone’s, the Apple HomePod was built on A8 chip configuration which makes it’s smarter. The chip configuration helps to understand the human instructions and then respond to them based on the instructions. It is the brain of HomePod and can make buffering faster than real time. It performs up mixing of both ambient and direct audio so that the microphone can hear you even over music. You can listen to amazing sound with the advanced echo cancellation mechanism.

HomePods built with Seamless mesh fabric

The external design of the HomePod comes with a seamless mesh fabric. It helps to protect the inner parts of the device and to transfer the sound in and out. Being just under seven inches tall it is completely protected with the mesh fabric to provide a beautiful sound system which travels distributedly and is virtually transparent to the music. In short, we can say it is wrapped in a mesh fabric which is designed for both acoustic and aesthetic performance.

Seven- Tweeter Array

It has a unique array of seven beamforming tweeters and this focus precisely on the sound and the seven- tweeter array helps to deliver the sound throughout the room with a volume which can adjust automatically based on the location that it is placed.

Six- Microphone Array

The six-microphone array which is built on the device can recognize the human voice, understands it and responds accordingly based on the language that is set on the device.

How Apple HomePod works

High Excursion Music Woofer

The high- excursion woofer can transmit the sound better than ever with its inbuilt echo system developed. It reduces noise and delivers a sound with high clarity so that you can enjoy listening music or any other information on it.  A power motor in it drives the diaphragm of 20mm with custom amplifier plays a wide range of rich and deep bass. It automatically analyzes the acoustics and adjusts sound and steers music in an optimal direction based on the speaker’s location. Irrespective of the place it is placed, you can get a clear and excellent music and audio.

How to set up Apple HomePod?

The configuration of Apple HomePod is as simple as you do with your iPhone. But before that make sure your HomePod is charged well enough to run at least for some time. Tap on the circular button on the device to turn it on. And, you can make every operation on it with your touch too. Tap on the home pod to play music, pause or adjust volume. This is what we do regularly with a speaker. But, to make the Apple device special, it has a smart system enabled.

With voice-based recognition, the device can sense the instructions and responds accordingly. For this, you need to have Siri configured on the device.

Apple HomePod

When you turn on the device for the first time, it asks you make the necessary settings, configure Siri on the device and say Siri to play songs or news or any other music tracks. There are about 40 million songs which you can listen to and even you can listen to music from other sources through wi-fi configured on the device. The device is also having some secure encryption authentication algorithms designed for it such that it maintains all your details confidential and makes the unlocking mechanism secure while playing information from your secured sources and credentials.

Can we connect multiple HomePod?

Yes, we can connect multiple HomePod, say two to play music. You can connect the devices and play an amazing music and enjoy dancing while listening to music. Gather your friends and relatives and have fun with them. Create a mini discotheque in your home. And, interesting thing is that even you can connect the devices which were located in the same room or multiple rooms.

How to connect multiple HomePod?

When you turn on the two devices, the devices automatically detect each other and balances them to play music. And, in case if you want to connect the devices placed in multiple rooms, simply turn on AirPlay on the devices. With AirPlay 2 the devices communicate with each other and help to play music evenly across all rooms. Even, you can connect the device to any other AirPlay-enabled device and enjoy listening to music.

Connect multiple HomePods with iPhone App

To change music just say “Siri, change the music to latest track” or “Siri, play a particular song” or “Siri, play latest albums” or whatever you like. Siri, on the device. This is the special feature what you see in Apple HomePod, compared to the regular speakers or woofers.

In which languages the HomePod provides its services?

The HomePod is configured with the English language of different states: Australia, U.K., and U.S, it refers to the language which Siri understands and delivers its response.

What is the price of Apple HomePod?

The Siri-enabled speaker HomePod price begins at $349 and will be available for us by December. So, keep waiting for the product and grab it whenever it is available in the market.

Originally posted 2017-09-27 16:12:12.