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Apple announced iOS apps discount sale in App Store for iPad & iPhones

Discount sale and discount offers on iOS apps

iOS Apps Discount Sale on App Store:

So far, we have seen discount sales on products from many e-commerce sites and we have ever heard of the discounts on apps. And for this time Apple has announced few discounts on the Apps available in iOS App Store. Let’s see more details about this discount offers.

Even thought the Apple products are less in number the number of applications that were developed for these products are more in number. Drastically the number of applications in App Store is increasing day by day. There are a lot of applications in different domains that were available to the users. Among these applications few are available for free and few of them are paid. The amount for each paid application varies from application to application and few of them are highly paid.

And for this time, Apple has announced discount offers on the paid applications. And this discount offers is not applicable to all the paid applications. It has been limited to few applications and an amount is decided for each application. Irrespective of the cost of application, few applications are listed out and were provided at a price of 0.79 pounds.  It was an interesting sale and people can afford this cost to the amazing applications.

Discount sale and discount offers on iOS apps

Few iOS Apps which were listed out under discount sale in App Store are Trivia Crack, Goat Simulator, Bean Dreams, GoodReader, FaceTune, Toca Mini, TextGrabber + translator, Scanner Pro 6 by Readdle, Pixelmator, Sky Gamblers, Little Builders, Bubl Draw, AirPano Travel Book, Clone Camera Pro, EPOCH.2, The Amazing Spider-Man2 and God of Light etc… As the discount sale exists for a limited period, purchase the iOS apps before the offer expires and enjoy working with the applications.


Originally posted 2015-07-24 21:16:54.