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Apple AirPower Wireless Charger

Apple AirPower-Wireless-charger

In the Apple Keynote event at Steve Jobs Theater, Tim Cook unveiled its upcoming Apple accessory product AirPower. Apple’s main focus is to eliminate the unnecessary things from its most valuable products. To achieve this goal, it first introduced wireless headset AirPods by eliminating headphone jack and headphone wires. Both the iPhone7 and AirPods unveiled in the same event.

Now, Apple unveiled its iPhone supporting accessory AirPower wireless charger along with iPhone X, and iPhone 8. iPhone X is the latest special edition of the iPhone on the occasion of iPhone tenth anniversary. iPhone X is made with the back glass that which supports wireless charging capabilities.

What is AirPower?

To completely remove the wired connections with Apple iPhones, it first introduced AirPods and now AirPower. AirPower is a charger which lets the Apple devices to charge without any wire connections. To charge wirelessly, that the Apple device must support the feature of wireless charging.

Apple naming convention is a little different. It named wireless Earpods with AirPods and Wireless charger with AirPower. And, every year Apple is introducing a new wireless device in its Keynote event.

How does AirPower work?

It is very simple physics theory to transfer power from Mat to the device. By placing the Apple device’s front face showing up on Mat, the device is ready to charge.

Induction is the process to power up the device when you place it on Mat. Once you put your device on Mat, the ElectroMagnetic field helps to transmit electrical power from Mat to the device. If everything goes well, a handshake will happen upon signals transmitted between the devices.

This way the battery of the gadget will be charged using the electromagnetic signals transmitted between the devices.

Why should you buy AirPower?

If you have an Apple products or pocket gadgets then you can buy an AirPower from Apple to wirelessly charge your products. If you have multiple Wireless chargeable devices then you must buy AirPower because AirPower lets you charge multiple devices at the same time.

You can simply place your iPhone X, and Apple Watch 3 on the AirPower to charge both the devices at the same time.

How to use AirPower?

It is very easy to use AirPower to charge your Apple device. You can charge any device which can be charged without wires connections using AirPower.


Follow the below simple steps to charge your gadget with the help of AirPower:

  1. Connect your AirPower to electricity by placing the plug into the socket.
  2. Switch ON the power supply to the charger.
  3. Now place your iPhone 8, or/and iPhone X, or/and Apple Watch 3, or/and AirPods on the AirPower Mat.
  4. All these devices are compatible with wireless charging feature.

In case if the device is not compatible with AirPower, then you must have to supportable accessories to make it compatible with Air-Power. For example, a thin wireless chargeable plate should be attached to iPhone, iPod, iPad by inserting the connector into its charging port.

By doing this, the gadget may compatible with the Air-Power charger. I believe Apple will introduce an accessory to make all Apple devices to be compatible with Air-Power.

AirPower compatible Apple products

Very few of the Apple devices can utilize the features of the Air-Power. Those devices are as mentioned below:

  1. iPhone X
  2. iPhone 8
  3. iPhone 8 Plus
  4. AirPods
  5. Apple Watch Series 3

Features of AirPower

AirPower is coming with few beautiful features as mentioned below:


  • Wireless Charging is the goal of this accessory.
  • Compatible with iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, Apple Watch 3, and AirPods.
  • Multiple devices can be chargeable at the same time.
  • Apple is going to provide Wireless charging facility at public places.
  • If Apple provides this service, then you can charge your device anywhere without carrying your charger.
  • One charger for everything. you need not carry separate chargers for separate devices.

Drawbacks of AirPower

I don’t see much drawbacks in this beautiful feature of the AirPower charger. But the only thing is the Apple devices released before iPhone 8 cannot be charged with Air-Power without any special accessory.

AirPower Availability

AirPower is going to be available on the market from 2018. Due to the shortened sequences, Apple delayed the release of AirPower Mats into the market. The Air-Power Mat and the iOS software patch to enable the wireless charging feature will come in the first quarter of 2018.

Price of AirPower charger

The price of the AirPower wireless charger is not yet released by Apple. The expected price of the Air-Power is around $100 as per the rumors.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions arose on AirPower and its compatibility with other devices. Those are listed as below:

Can I charge my iPhone with AirPower? 

You can not charge your iPhone using Air-Power charger if your iPhone is not an eight series or iPhone X. Probably Apple will release the accessories for old iPhone versions to make them compatible with Air-Power. For example, the back case having chargeable glass/ wireless charge-enabling thin plates for iPhones etc.

Can I charge my iPod with AirPower? 

Currently available any iPod devices are not compatible with AirPower charger. You need to wait for newer versions of iPods/ iPod Touch devices to make them use with Air-Power charger.

Can I charge my iPad with AirPower? 

As of now, there is no iPad available in the market those can be chargeable with Air Power. Maybe the upcoming iPads come with the feature of wireless charging.

Can I charge my MacBook with AirPower? 

No Macbook is having the feature of wireless charging.

Can I charge my AirPods with AirPower? 

Only the latest AirPods which are having the advantage to charge wireless can be charged with Air-Power. And remaining all the AirPods are not in the scope of wireless charging.

Can I charge my Apple Watch with AirPower? 

Only the Apple Watch Series 3 is chargeable with the wireless charger. other two series are not having the feature of the wireless charging.

How much time will it take to fully charge a device? 

The time cannot be estimated as of now. But, surely it will take more time than wired charger to fully charge any device.

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