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Apple AirPods 2 | More Magical Features


This year, Apple has come up with exciting features, which make you eager and enticing in getting the Apple AirPods 2. To be precise, the most interesting feature in AirPods 2 is voice-activated Siri access. You can ask Siri, to play music, call a person and many more without the need to go to your iPhone to make use of this feature. Just use your AirPods and make your work done. Quite interesting right? Let’s get into the Magical features of Apple AirPods 2 and AirPods 2 Price.

Features in Apple AirPods 2

We have hand-picked a few interesting features of AirPods 2 for you, and here we go.

AirPods Wireless Charger

Coming to the charging mechanism, with the new Wireless Charging case available with the AirPods, you can simply charge your Pods by placing the AirPods case on a “Qi-certified” charging mat. To know whether the Air Pods are getting charged, just have a look on the LED indicator available in front of the case. Even you use the Lightning port in case of charging mat unavailability.

AirPods2 Battery life

You can experience more than 24-hour of battery life with the charging case. The AirPods deliver about 2 hours of talk time, 5 hours of listening time and with just 15 mins of charge, you can get up to 3 hours of listening time. Once your AirPods charge gets down, just place it in the charging case and you can get the AirPods charged with the left overcharging available in the case. You can benefit in either way when you make your AirPods charged with the case.

Apple AirPods 2 Sound Quality

You can experience a high-quality sound and with the speech-detecting accelerometer, and beam-forming microphones, it filters out the external noise and focuses on providing clarity in the sound of your voice when you are speaking.


AirPods 2 Performance

Being built on Apple H1 headphone chip, you can experience a faster connection and stable wireless connection. You can experience up to 1.5 times faster connection for phone calls and up to 2 times faster connection when switching between active iOS devices.

Voice-activated Siri access

With the Motion accelerometers and Optical sensors that work together, you can engage your microphones in making phone calls and Siri access. Just ask Siri, to make your favorite action done. Just say, “Hey Siri” followed by your instruction to make calls, navigate through maps, play songs, and increase volume.

The H1 chip drives voice-enabled Siri access, delivers up to 30 percent lower gaming latency and provides higher-quality sound removing the obstacles in sound.

Audio Sharing

From your iPhone or any iOS device, you can pair two AirPods at a time and play music on the different volumes if required.

Connect AirPods 2 to iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Connecting AirPods 2 to your iOS and Mac is quite simple. Simply, turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone or Mac and open the lid of the AirPods case. Once you open the lid of the case, the device recognizes it with the Bluetooth mechanism, and you will see a “Not Your AirPods” alert appearing on the screen with the option to “Connect”. Tap or click on the “Connect” button and you can see an instruction on the device, how to connect the AirPods. Turn your AirPods case to the backside and then press and hold the circular button available on it. That’s it your device is connected with the wireless AirPods 2.

You can find the charging status of the AirPods and wireless charging case on the device once it is paired. Once you put your AirPods in your ears, the device connects and the audio streaming continues on the AirPods and once you pull them out, the audio streaming continues on your device. You can start playing music and making calls with just a simple connection.

Apple AirPods 2 Price

Finally coming to the Apple AirPods 2 price, it is available at a price of $199 with wireless charging feature. Don’t miss the chance of grabbing the AirPods 2 and enjoy the wow features available in it.