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Ancestry Geneology app for iOS | Ancestry DNA Testing app for iPhone


Ancestry app for iOS devices:

It’s quite interesting to learn more about your ancestor’s history and knowing your ancestor’s right? Here we have a best app which provides all these specifications. Ancestry app is one of the best app which helps to gather information related to ancestors. Here we have the facility to create our own family tree where you can add your parents, parent-in-laws, siblings, sibling-in-laws, wife, children and other ancestors. Let’s have a look of more details of this app.

Get the Ancestry app from App store on any compatible iOS device and launch the app to see its best features. When you start-up the app for the first time its interstitial pages guides you about the app in a simpler way. If you want to sign in or sign up from the interstitial pages tap on “Existing User? Sign In” text at the bottom of interstitial pages to navigate to “Sign In” modal from there you can even navigate to “Sign Up” modal. Just swipe over interstitial pages and tap on the “Get Started” button of the last interstitial page to navigate to the “Onboarding’ page. You can even start up creating your family tree from here and sign up to enjoy the benefits and continue accessing the features that are available after creating a family tree.

Sign in/sign up with an account to view all the features available with Ancestry app. From the family tree view you can view few icons at the top header. The person icon helps you to view the people whom you have recently viewed and can also search for the people from the recent list. The family view icon helps to view the tree in family view whereas the icon next to it helps to view the tree in pedigree view. The grab bar icon helps to view the people list. Here you can view each and everyone in the family tree, people having hints and direct ancestors etc… The home icon helps to view the home person of the family tree. If you want to calculate the relationship of a person with the user person you need to set the user person from tree settings page. The user person is the person with respect to whom we calculate the relationship. In a tree there can be only one home person and user person and both the persons can also be the same.

Ancestry DNA Testing

Now let’s look at the icons at the bottom tab bar. The All Hints View helps to view all the hints that are available in the tree. The Comments tab helps to view the comments added for a photo hint or story hint globally with respect to a person.  You are even provided with the DNA testing functionality from the DNA tab. You can adopt for DNA testing and check the match results with your ancestors. Now coming to the Settings tab, here you edit the tree settings, change the user/home person, delete tree, subscribe to any subscription offers, view the educational interstitials, sending feedback, call support, create new tree’s etc… You can even connect to facebook and can add people from facebook to your family tree.

Ancestry DNA Testing App

From the person panel of the person, you can add facts. Facts are nothing but events with respect to the person. If you want to write any additional information with respect to the person, you can add a note for that person. You can also delete any person or even you delete the relationship existing with the person. You can add media files to the person gallery or fact gallery and can tag people to the media files. You can also share and tag media files such as documents and photos from other third-party apps to the people in the Ancestry app. Also view the upcoming event’s in your family from the Today’s extension widget. You can even perform free ancestry search for records. You can accept records, record images, stories and photos with the free ancestry search. Few records will be available for free if you are not a subscribed user and a subscribed user for world can access any record for free. You can even purchase a single record also. This app is available for German, Sweden, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, United States, Italy, Australia and France. Why late? Start gathering information related to your ancestors and know more details about them.


Originally posted 2015-04-21 23:26:59.