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Analysts says Apple is going to release its next 4-inch iPhone in 2016

4-inch iphone from apple

Release of Apple’s new 4-inch iPhone in the early 2016:

A recent news from one of the KGI Securities analyst Kuo says that Apple is going to release the next iPhone in the early 2016. Analysts provided few other details about this Apple next iPhone and let’s get into more details of this release.

4-inch iphone from apple

According to Kuo reports, it was conveyed that Apple is going to release a new 4-inch iPhone before the release of iPhone 7. This iPhone can be said as an upgraded version of iPhone 5S. The Apple next iPhone was being built on the same A9 processor instead of the latest A10 processor which is going to be used for iPhone 7.

The essential key point as part of this release is the size of iPhone, there is no exact reason why Apple has taken the size as its specification but it is planning to release a smaller iPhone which is of just 4-inches. And one more news from analysts says that Apple is going to remove out the 3D Touch feature which was released as part of release of iOS 9 with iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPad Mini 4, Apple Watch and iPad Pro etc.

4-inch iphone

This 3D Touch feature is going to be completely wiped out with the release of the new 4-inch iPhone but however this features remains same as part of other releases in the upcoming future for other deliverables by Apple. We need to yet to get more details about the Apple next iPhone and let’s see what kind of features Apple is going to provide as part of the release of this new 4-inch iPhone.


Originally posted 2015-12-14 22:19:50.