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Apple Watch App to Add/ Remove/ Reorder Glances on iWatch

apple watch glances

Apple Watch’s Glances are shortcuts to the apps that available on iWatch. These Glances also to represent the important summary of the Apple Watch’s apps. To access the glances on the watch, you need to swipe up in the face of the apple watch that swipes up on Watch’s screen.

Add, Remove or reorder apps on Apple Watch using iPhone/iPad

You can add apps to the glances on your Apple iWatch and you can remove apps from glances on your Apple I Watch and finally you can reorder the apps to the glances on Apple Watch.

Adding apps to Apple I Watch and Reordering apps on Apple I Watch are much-needed tasks of an Apple wrist Watch users. Suppose there are a number of apps on your apple wristwatch and you want to perform Apple Stock Watch.

In case if the Apple Stock app is the last app on Apple Smart Watch then you need to swipe a number of times to access the last app. To avoid this, you can remove apps that don’t want and you can reorder apps on glances.

Adding apps to Glances on Apple Watch

It is very simple to add an app to a glance on iWatch. You can add, remove or reorder apps to glance using the app Apple Watch on your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Just go to your iPhone or iPad apps and open Apple Watch app on your iOS device.
  2. If you didn’t install Apple Watch app, install this app to modify Watch apps on iPhone.
  3. After opening this app go to My Watch tab.
  4. There you can find Glances in the menu.
  5. Tap on Glances and there you can find two lists of apps.
  6. The top list is Glances which contains the apps that are included on the Watch.
  7. And the second list is Do Not Include list which contains all the apps that are not included on Watch.

add glances remove glances reorder glances apple watch app

To add an app to Glances of Watch, just tap on the green button (‘+’ symbol) of that respective app. Then the app will be moved to glances and you can access it on Watch.

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Remove app from Glances on iWatch

You have to use the same app to remove apps from iWatch. Tap on the red button (‘-’ symbol) of the app that you want to remove and then tap on remove to complete the removal process. If you don’t tap on remove option after tapping the red button, then the app will not be removed from the list.

Reorder apps on Apple Watch

There may be few apps that you want to access usually. You can arrange those apps of glances on top of the list. To reorder the apps tap on the three horizontal lines icon of the respective app and drag it to the place that you want to to be put. By this way, you can put most used apps on the top of the list and you can reorder them at any time.

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