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Add music to iPhone without iTunes using iExplorer or Amazon Music app

Copy music to iPhone with iExplorer, Amazon Music

How to add music to iPhone without iTunes?

We sync Music on iPhone using iTunes. But when we sync music on iPhone using iTunes on a Mac or PC, you can only sync with the machines which you have synced for the first time or you can only sync with the first five machines in which you register your Apple ID while syncing with iTunes. But what if you want to sync on a new computer? It is the biggest problem with iTunes. Now let’s look into the alternate apps that help to add music to iPhone without iTunes.

Transfer or Add Music to iPhone without iTunes

Amazon Music app for iPhone:

You can integrate the music that you have bought from Amazon store along with the music that exists on your device with the help of Amazon Music app.  It can also include free rips of CDs which you have already purchased earlier. And to stream the music you can use Spotify or StreamtoMe apps to stream music from any PC or Mac on which these app servers got installed. So, by this, you can add music to iPhone without iTunes from any Mac or PC.

iExplorer app for iPhone:

Download and Install iExplorer app on your Mac or PC to add music to iPhone without iTunes and launch it on your machine. From the iExplorer app, sidebar clicks on the Media Folder to view the list of music files available. You can transfer the music files to any folder or iTunes by clicking on “Transfer From Device” button, or else you can click the “Auto Transfer” button to transfer the files automatically.

AnyTrans app for iOS:

You can download and install the AnyTrans app to add music to iPhone without iTunes. You can get this app on your machine and can sync the music files in a quick and easier way. It is one of the best alternatives to transfer music files to or from the device without the help of iTunes.

You can use any of these apps to add music to iPhone without iTunes from any Mac or PC. These apps help a lot in cases where you have new Mac or PC which is not already registered with your device at that when you fail using iTunes. These apps act as best alternatives to iTunes to transfer or sync music files from the device to a machine or the device from the computer. Try any of these apps as per your convenience and share your experience with your friends.

Originally posted 2016-06-21 22:43:30.