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Access Ok Google, Google Now for Apple iOS devices iPhone and iPad

Google Now app for iOS, iPhone, Pad

Now say, ‘Ok Google’ on iPhone with Google Now app:

As of now, we have been using the Siri option on iPhone or iPad which acts a search service and we have also seen the ‘Ok Google’ service on Android devices. I think you have enjoyed the individual services on iOS and Android devices. How does it look if we have both the services at a single platform? Yes you heard it right?

‘Ok Google’ is now available on Apple iOS devices:

The most interesting news from Apple and Google says that ‘Ok Google’ is now available on Apple iOS devices. Google has designed a new app for iOS users. The Google app is now available in App Store for all the iOS users. The release of this app has gained attention for more number of users.

Now, using the Google app you can now say ‘OK Google’ on an iPhone or iPad. The most effective of feature of this app is when you are currently viewing a page you can get the details of the people whose name exists on the page or any other relevant details like if there is an event happening in the place you can also get the details of place etc…

OK GOOGLE Now on iPhone

With the Voice Search option available, by just saying ‘OK Google’ followed by your text you can do many amazing things. You can also get all the details of the weather of a particular and can also view navigation on Maps with this app.

Not only has this we have lot more features available with the Google app. And, coming to the compatibility of the devices, it is available only on the iOS devices that has 7 or later versions of iOS installed on them. With the word ‘OK – Google’ you can get lot more amazing answers rather than what you expect.  Get this app installed on your iPad’s or iPhone’s and see how it works.


Originally posted 2015-09-04 18:58:50.