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7 Best iPhone tips and tricks that you are not aware | iPhone Tricks

iPhone tips and tricks

Top 7 iPhone tips and tricks those hidden inside your iPhone:

There are several magical secrets which hidden inside an iPhone, which you might be not aware. Let’s take a tour of the iPhone tips and tricks at a short glance. These tips can work on any iPhone that is iPhone 5, iPhone 6,  iPhone SE, and iPhone 7.


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  1. A quick battery recharge:

You can recharge your iPhone in a faster way by switching to Airplane mode. It helps to build a quick battery recharge to your iPhone.

  1. Be a guru to Siri by teaching it how to pronounce words on iPhone:

There are few names and words which Siri was not aware of how to pronounce them. You can now be a guru to Siri by teaching it how to pronounce them. When you feel Siri pronounces the words in an incorrect way you can correct them by telling it “That’s not how you pronounce <word>” and then choose the alternatives by tapping on the Yes button when Siri asks you “Can you teach me how to say it?”.

iPhone 6S Siri voice new

  1. Capture photos using volume up or volume down buttons:

These are the days of selfies. You can capture your photo without touching on capture photo icon by pressing the volume up or volume down buttons. It is one of the best iPhone tips and tricks that you can make use.

  1. View timestamp of messages on the text messenger app:

You can reveal the timestamp of every message that you have sent by dragging the messages left.

  1. Let your iPhone spell the words that you have selected:

Now you can make your iPhone speak the words that you have selected by using the Speak Selection option. Turn on the Speak Selection option by navigating to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Speak Selection option.

  1. Add domains to your websites with a single tap in your text field:

While adding your site address in the browser or any other application place the cursor next to the web address and tap and hold the ‘.’ the icon on the keyboard to add the domain name to the end of the website address.

  1. Shake the device to undo typing:

To cancel the text that you typed only shake your device to get the undo options. It is one of the simple and best iPhone tips and tricks that you can make use.

These are top 7 best iPhone tips and tricks which help a lot in your daily work. Never forget to make use of this iPhone tricks.

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