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5 Apps like vShare | vShare alternatives | vShare like apps for iPhone

more apps like vShare

vShare for iPhone became very popular than other apps like vShare or vShare alternatives. You can install the vShare app on multiple iOS devices iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. And also you can install vShare on various versions of iOS as iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS8.1, iOS8.2, iOS8.3, iOS8.4, iOS 9, iOS9.1, iOS9.2, and iOS 9.3 etc.

vShare alternatives

vShare is popular because anyone can install it for free that is also with JailBreak or without JailBreak. No need of JailBreaking iPhone to install vShare. Any app which is available in vShare is free. All latest apps will be available in vShare. No Apple ID is required to install apps from vShare. It makes ‘vShare alternatives‘ or ‘apps apps like vShare‘ perform low compared to vShare.

more apps like vShare

Top 5 vShare like apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

If you are not interested in installing vShare on your iOS device, then you can opt for ‘vShare like apps‘. Many apps are providing the same functionality that vShare providing. Even though iOS has many apps like vShare few of them have all features of vShare. The below apps are the five best alternatives of vShare.


Panda App to replace vShare app

PandaApp is the best alternative of vShare. Panda App became very popular and is one of the best IPAs providers for all iOS devices. The downloads count of IPAs for iOS devices from PANDA APP is growing day by day on the web. Since PandaApp is providing easy download and install options of IPA, It became very popular than other competitors.


HipStore for cracked iOS apps

HipStore is one of the apps like vShare. Hip Store is not having the proper user interface as vShare. But HipStore providing many apps to explore. You can install Hip Store on both iOS and Android.

At the time of the first installation of Hip Store, it will not be in the English Language. You need to change the language in settings of Hip Store.


vShare alternative iFunbox app

iFunBox is not similar to vShare, but it provides more functionalities similar as vShare. It is not only vShare alternatives, but it can also be the replacement of iTunes. Few complained about the crashes occur in iOS 8 and later versions of iPhones.


Appcake vs vShare

AppCake is one of the apps like vShare. It is providing all apps and games working download links. A wide range of apps available which is not available in vShare.

App Cake is the best alternative of vShare with Jailbreak version. JailBreak iPhone only can use this app to download more apps and games.


Zeusmos stor for iPhone apps free

It is versatile and best alternative to vShare. You can find many free apps in this store. Zeusmos downloads can install on any version of the iOS. You can install this app on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad by simply visiting the Cydia.

These are five best alternatives to vShare. Every custom App Store that mentioned above is having its unique features and specialties. Use these alternatives wisely as per your requirement to replace apps like vShare.

Originally posted 2016-05-26 00:45:54.