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4 latest iOS 10 iMessage packs available for Apple iOS10 beta users

iMessage packs iOS 10

Apple’s latest design of four new iMessage packs for iOS 10 beta users:

So far we have enjoyed the unusual features of iOS 9. Now, the trending future is towards iOS 10. Apple has already begun designing iOS 10 and as part of it, Apple has initialized releasing beta versions of iOS 10. Recently iMessage was also released for the beta users.

And the interesting thing about the release of iMessage is that there are four new message packs for iOS 10 beta users. These four new packs named as Classic Menu, Smileys, Hands, and Hearts. These packages made available from App Store. You can download these message packets from App Store for free of cost and can make a use of them.

smiley imessage packs in iOS 10

To download this four latest iMessage packs from App Store navigate to Classic Menu, Smileys, Hands, and Hearts URLS. You can download any of your favorite sets and enjoy the beautiful options available with these kits. You cannot find the exclusive emoji and symbols with the standard iMessage app. But when we download the Classic Menu, Smileys, Hands and Hearts packages from App Store, you can enjoy the unique features of each of these packages.

iOS 10 imessage hearts stickers pack

You can add many emoji’s and symbols to your text messages when you send messages to your friends and colleagues. You can enjoy the fun of unique options in these packages. We can call these units as Add-ons to our iMessages app on iPhone. We have seen many latest keyword apps which were made available in the market with lot many features where you can get the unique options by making use of those keyboards. But with these particular packages you need not have special third party keywords on your iPhone.

iOS 10 i-Messages hadns stickers pack

You can use many different categories of emoji and symbols with these units on an iPhone with iOS 10. Once the iOS 10 gets into the market, you can view these excellent features on your iMessage app and even now you can see the features of messaging app if you are the best user. Try those packages and share your experience with everyone.

Originally posted 2016-07-27 22:21:31.