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10 Best Hidden Features of Apple iPhone X


Apple iPhone X – the latest revolution in Apple technology. In the year 2017, Apple has come up with a new iPhone which puts on beautiful technology on its arms and brings you an amazing feel while using the technology built on it. The new iPhone X, the more intelligent iPhone than ever.

There are many special features added to it and makes you happy with all its fantabulous features. Let’s get the complete overview of iPhone X, technical specifications and what were the new features added to it.

Technical Specifications of iPhone X

Firstly let’s see the technical specifications for the latest iPhone.

Camera features in iPhone X

Before purchasing a new phone, these days everyone is first looking at it is its camera. This new Apple iPhone is having 12 MegaPixels of wide-angled Primary Camera and 7 MegaPixels of Secondary Camera. The camera is having f/1.8 wide-angle aperture, f/2.4 telephoto aperture and is capable of performing digital zoom up to 10X.


Coming to the primary camera specifications, They are listed as below:

  • It has portrait lighting (beta).
  • Six-element lens.
  • Dual optical image stabilization.
  • Panorama up to 63 MP.
  • Hybrid IR filter.
  • Backside illumination sensor.
  • Sapphire crystal lens cover.
  • Autofocus and tap to focus on Focus Pixels.
  • A slow sync Quad-LED True Tone flash.
  • Live photos.
  • Wide color capture for photos with stabilization.
  • Exposure control.
  • Auto image stabilization and auto hdr for photos.
  • Body and face detection with improved local tone mapping.
  • Burst and timer modes with noise reduction.
  • Geotagging for photos
  • JPEG and HEIF formats for captured images.

Now, getting into the secondary camera specifications:

  • It is a TrueDepth camera with retina flash.
  • Animoji.
  • 1080p of video recording.
  • Auto HDR with auto image stabilization.
  • f/2.2 aperture with wide color capture for photos and live photos.
  • Body and face detection with exposure control.
  • Backside illumination sensor.
  • It is having burst and timer modes.

iPhone X Display Specs

The next feature that we look into displays. Apple iPhone X is having 5.8-inch diagonal retina HD display all screen with the OLED multi-touch display. It is having typical 1.000,000:1 contrast ratio with True Tone, HDR and Wide color display (P3) with 3D Touch and having 625 cd/m² brightness. It supports a display of multiple languages and characters simultaneously and also has a fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating.

iPhone X images

Apple Smartphone Processor Chip

It was built on an A11 Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture and is having a Neural engine to respond intelligently with embedded M11 motion coprocessor. A11 chip is the most advanced smartphone processor. It is capable of Artificial Intelligence using Machine Learning Algorithms. A11 lets you develop Games with Machine Learning algorithms to provide Augmented Reality games.

Resistance Standards Built

It is rated IP67 under IEC standard 60529 for its splash, dust and water resistive nature. IP67 is the measurement that the phone can resist the pressure of the water depth.

What is Face ID for iPhone?

An advancement to the Touch ID, Apple has designed Face ID feature for facial recognition which is enabled by the TrueDepth camera. TrueDepth is having infrared scan facility to calculate the facial expressions.

Mobile and Wireless Technology

The technology used to it is based on Model A1865, Model A1901 and is having 802.11 ac Wi-Fi with MIMO, NFC with reader mode and Bluetooth of version 5.0 with wireless technology.

iPhone X Operating System

It is built on operating system iOS 11 most advanced mobile operating system with Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence capability. And it is upgradable to latest versions of iOS.


Better Home Button Features

The home button was removed from the latest iPhone, instead, a single tap feature enabled to switch to the home screen. FaceID is used in iPhone X to replace the Touch ID feature. FaceID scans your face and calculates the depth of your face at different parts. It takes less than one second to authenticate you using FaceID.

Apple Lightning Headphones

Instead of the regular headphones, it is having EarPods with lightning connector. iPhone X is completely a wireless mobile you can charge it wirelessly and you can experience music with wireless headphones. AirPods facilitates you with this feature to enjoy music wirelessly.

Back Glass for Wireless Charging

For the first time, it has a durable glass front and back and it is completely resistant to water and dust. The back glass of the phone enables your phone to charge using wireless chargers (AirPower charger).

Overview and Features of iPhone X

The latest Apple iPhone X is an evolutionary trend in the mobile technology. It was developed with many amazing technologies and features. Let’s get into the features of iPhone X.

How FaceID works?

Firstly, the most interesting feature which is grabbing more intention is the Face ID, a secure authentication. With the facial recognition system, the authentication mechanism was made most secure. You can now unlock your iPhone with Face ID and can also make your transactions secure with Apple Pay using Face ID.


With the TrueDepth camera, it scans your face and creates a facial map in the phone memory and makes the recognition in an easy way. Learn more about Face ID in your post.

TrueDepth Camera Feature

A TrueDepth camera was built on the iPhone X, to recognize faces and even minute objects on your face. It helps in scanning your face and recognizing your identity.

Intuitive Gestures

As the Home button was removed on the latest iPhone, the gestures were designed in such a way that a single swipe can directly take you to the home screen from anywhere.

Animoji iPhone emojis

So far, we have only seen emoji’s, for the first time, you can also see Animoji based on your facial expression. The TrueDepth camera is capable of analyzing more than 50 different muscle movements and mirrors your expressions in the form of Animoji. You can see up to 12 Animoji based on your facial expressions.

A special feature for selfies

Now you can have beautiful selfies in portrait mode with artfully blurred backgrounds and sharp foreground. And, with new feature portrait lighting, you can get studio quality lighting effects for the selfies in portrait mode.

Art of Photography using dual Camera

The art of photography was simplified with the dual 12 MP cameras. The camera was improved with a new color filter. A new telephoto camera was also developed with OIS.

Dual OIS for Better Photos

You can get outstanding videos and photos even in dark with the fast lenses and optical image stabilization available for both rear cameras. And, the telephoto and wide-angle cameras are capable to zoom up to 10x for photos and 6x for videos.

Faster CPU iPhone

The iPhone X can perform 70% faster than the other iPhone’s as it is having four efficiency cores in the CPU.

Super Human Intelligence Apple Chip

The neural engine built on the A11 Bionic chip is capable of performing around 600 billion operations per second in the smartest way. The a11 charger is providing features like instant temperature updates, identifying objects through the camera, and more.

Wireless Chargeable Battery

The battery lasts for two hours more than usual even though the GPU works 30% faster than A10 fusion. And it charges quicker than other devices. The back glass of the phone is used to charge device wirelessly.

Wireless Charging


With the wireless charging feature, you can charge your iPhone by just placing it on the AirPower mat or in the wireless charging stations. Apple is targeting to install these AirPower chargers at Shopping Malls and AirPorts. Anybody can charge multiple wirelessly chargeable devices at the same time using AirPower charger. Simply place your device on AirPower Mat to charge it wirelessly.

Price of iPhone X

Finally, iPhone X is available in only two colors space grey and silver and of size 64GB and 256GB. The one with 64GB costs around $999 and 256GB costs around $1,149.

Still having a question of getting a new iPhone X, need not think more get it today and enjoy the features available in it and also, gift it to your loved ones.

Originally posted 2017-09-23 17:12:49.